Jesus Is…

Does God Exist? February 11, 2024 Wes Stapp • John 8:58 Throughout history, people have been searching for God. When Jesus begins His ministry, He claims that He’s the God everyone’s been searching for. Join us for this new series, Jesus Is…, as we explore the evidence behind Jesus’ claim.
More Than a Bread Box February 18, 2024 Korey Deck We are all “hungry and thirsty” for something, but not everything satisfies. Jesus teaches us in John 6 how to know where the good bread is and how to stay away from the things that feed your appetite, but leave you more hungry than you were before.
The Light of the World February 25, 2024 Wes Stapp • John 8:12 How do you know you’re lost if you don’t know you’re lost? Join us today as we explore Jesus’ claim, “I am the light of the world.”
The Good Shepherd March 3, 2024 Wes Stapp • John 10:11–18 How often are we blind to what’s best for us? Jesus says He is the Good Shepherd who comes to give us abundant life. If that’s true, what could be better than following Him? Join us today as we explore Jesus’ claim, “I am the Good Shepherd.”
Not Just Any Old Gate March 10, 2024 Korey Deck What you know about Jesus, is it he said about himself? He explains it by saying “I am the gate/door” but what kind of door is he? An open door? A barbed wire gate? In this message we take some time to look at how Jesus was intentionally showing us a timeless picture of himself as the son of God who came so that we could walk through a gate to find freedom, protection, and a relationship full of life.
The True Vine March 17, 2024 Wes Stapp • John 15:1–17 Do you know your purpose? The truth is that most people don’t know what their purpose is, and many spend their lives trying to discover it. But Jesus brings clarity to our purpose and how we live into it. Join us for this message, I Am – The True Grapevine, as Pastor Wes helps us understand our God-given purpose.
The Way, The Truth, & The Life! March 24, 2024 Wes Stapp • John 14:1–14 Join us for today’s message, I Am – The Way, The Truth, and The Life, as we study Jesus’ directions to eternal life.
The Resurrection & The Life March 31, 2024 Wes Stapp • John 11:17–27 Happy Easter!! Jesus is risen! Join us for today’s message, I Am – The Resurrection and The Life, as we celebrate our risen Savior and King, Jesus Christ!