Prayer Ministry

Prayer is so much more than simply asking God for things we want. Prayer is about being in His presence. It is our desire that God’s people experience His joy and peace by becoming a praying people — a people that seeks God with all our hearts, souls and minds at all times!

Support Groups

There is always purpose in our pain. With God’s help and the support of others, you don’t have to fight the pain alone. We offer several healing opportunities and care groups at the John Young campus and online for those who are sick or in pain.

Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer Ministry aims to offer spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance to women currently undergoing or having experienced breast cancer. As a close-knit and intimate group, we establish personal connections to help women enhance their understanding of the healing power of God.

First Wednesday, 6-7:30pm

General Cancer

The Cancer Ministry is dedicated to providing holistic support for cancer patients and their caregivers, addressing their spiritual, emotional, and practical needs both individually and through a support group. This group serves as a platform for sharing concerns, exchanging ideas, and fostering hope in Jesus. Additionally, the Ministry organizes periodic educational programs, covering various types of cancer, and extends its support to both church members and the wider community.

Third Wednesday, 6-7:30pm
K2-338 and Online


For caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, our support is unwavering. The First Orlando Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregiver Support Group was specifically designed for caregivers by those who have navigated this journey themselves and are passionate about aiding fellow caregivers. We provide both support and education to families throughout the challenging progression of this journey. Our mission is to create a safe place for a caregiver to come and connect with other caregivers finding strength and knowing there is hope and they are Not Alone.

Second Wednesday, 1-2:30pm
Fourth Wednesday, 6-7:30pm

Call 407-514-4227 or email for additional information about support groups.