generosity in worship and surrender

Live Generously

Thank you for your partnership in ministry with us. We're so grateful for the financial gifts given to allow us to continue the work of accomplishing God's mission and vision through Evolve Church in Ocoee, West Orange County, and to the ends of the earth. Please know your generous giving is making a difference for the glory of God at Evolve.

Why We Give

Giving is an act of worship and obedience from a heart surrendered to Christ ... a choice we make to follow God's instruction for us. The church doesn't need anything from you, and God certainly doesn't need anything from us, it's all His anyway.  What God knows better than anyone is that our money is tied to our hearts. Giving our financial resources is a way to acknowledge that God is our provision. This act helps us release our grasp on material possessions so we can grab hold of the eternal security only found in Him with all our hearts. Giving is a real way we take a step and act on our faith.

Ways to give

Give Online

Using our safe, secure online giving platform, you can feel safe about your gift. Login to get started.

Give Online

Give on Sunday

During service, feel free to place your offering in our giving baskets as they are passed during service.

Give by Mail

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