It’s Not Fair

Intro to Joseph’s Story May 26, 2024 Wes Stapp • Genesis 25:19–34 God’s people are not exempt from the mess and brokenness of life. But here’s the hope: God is right in the middle of our chaos and can be trusted no matter our circumstances. Listen as Pastor Wes introduces us to the story of Joseph and how God, through faith, overcomes the mess and redeems our stories in His-Story.
Spiritual Dreams June 2, 2024 Wes Stapp • Genesis 37:1-11 God has great plans for you, just as He did for Joseph! He communicates His plans in various ways, including through dreams. Learn how to recognize God's guidance and respond by taking the next step toward Him.
In The Pit June 9, 2024 Jarian Felton • Genesis 37:12-36 Listen as Pastor Jarian Felton dives into Genesis 37:12-36 to share essential truths you need to remember that will help you navigate life’s toughest moments.
Purpose in Trials June 16, 2024 Korey Deck • Genesis 39:1-6 Feeling lost in your life's purpose? Have your dreams for life been detoured? Derailed? Or delayed? Discover how to find meaning and victory even in the toughest times. Join Pastor Korey Deck, as he teaches from Genesis 39:1-6, three important things to remember from Joseph's story that will transform your perspective during difficult seasons of life.
Decision Time June 23, 2024 Wes Stapp • Genesis 39:6–21 If you’ve ever wondered how to make better decisions that will bless you and your family for a lifetime, join us for this message, Decision Time, as Pastor Wes teaches a decision-making framework out of Genesis 39 that will help you make decisions that lead to a lifetime of blessing.