Faith Works

Faith Works January 1, 2023 Wes Stapp • James 1:1 Happy New Year!! Join us today as we begin a brand-new message series called Faith Works. If you want to better understand faith and how it applies to your relationship with God, then you don’t want to miss this series.
Action Matters January 8, 2023 Wes Stapp • James 1:19–27 Have you ever possessed information that had the potential to benefit you or someone else, but you didn’t act on it? Knowledge is powerful, but only when we act on it. In this message, Action Matters, James, the brother of Jesus, makes this exact point about the gospel. The good news of Jesus has the power to save and restore us, but only if we act on it in faith. Join us as we continue exploring the book of James in this series, Faith Works.
Words Matter January 15, 2023 Wes Stapp • James 3:1–12 Did you know that the average person speaks between 10 and 15 thousand words daily? That’s a lot of words. If that was surprising, you might be just as surprised to know that each of those words is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow your faith and change your perspective about the circumstances you encounter daily. The words we use have the power to change our worlds for the worse or for, the better. If you want to change your status quo this year, it begins with your words. Join us for this message, Words Matter, as we uncover how your words shape your faith and world.
The Oppressed and Marginalized Matter January 22, 2023 Wes Stapp • James 2:14–26 The Bible repeatedly talks about caring for orphans and widows. In fact, James, the brother of Jesus, says that caring for orphans and widows is a mark of genuine faith. If you’re curious about why Jesus cared so much about these people and entrusted their care to the faithful, then join us for this message in our Faith Works series, The Oppressed and Marginalized Matter.
Resisting the World January 29, 2023 James Barringer • James 4:1–12 What does it mean to be in the world but not of the world? As followers of Christ, we are called to walk a fine line. A line of faith that teeters between two worlds, one seen and the other unseen. James calls us to avoid friendship with the seen world, so we can experience the far greater pleasures of the unseen world. This is another mark of genuine faith. If you’re wondering how to navigate the fine line between the pleasures of this world and the hope of what’s to come, join us for this last message in our Faith Works series, Resisting the World.