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Community & Discipleship

We were never created to live life in isolation and when it comes to Evolve, we have seen that circles are better than rows when it comes to building relationships and taking next steps.  Evolve Groups are designed specifically to provide an anchor for individuals to have a solid foundation from which to grow. E-Groups offer an opportunity to be in a small group of people to make friends, serve, learn and experience life together. We have group leaders from all kinds of backgrounds to impact as many people in whatever season of life in which they find themselves. Don’t see a group that fits?

Don’t see a group that fits? Contact our Groups Director Sean Henley to learn more and get plugged in! 


What if I don’t know anyone else in the group?

You don’t have to know anyone!  Our groups are designed to be a welcome place for anyone to attend and connect.

What if I don’t want to join in the discussion?

How much you engage with a group is up to you. We won’t push you if you’re not ready.

What do I do with my kids?

We have groups lead by parents too! Kid-friendly groups have a close-proximity place for your children to be while you engage in connection.

What if I can’t make it every time?

We understand that life happens and things come up. We don’t require perfect attendance but do ask you to make a commitment to connect as much as you can. 

Which group should I go to?

Whichever one that fits you in your current season of life! We have a regular rotation of groups launching and starting new series for you to jump into! What are you waiting for?